I am Ángel Cepeda, basketball coach and expert in the development of both players and trainers.

Professional workouts with CPDA Basket

My training philosophy is to know the players, increase their passion for the game, teach them train, respect their individuality, encourage their creativity, work on technical details, help them understand the game and solve problems, all this in order to improve their efficiency as a team player.

Programs for Players

Here you can find programs that fit your needs so that you can further improve as a player.

Programs for Clubs

Different activities for clubs which can be included in your practice plan.

Programs for Federations

Different collaborations which will enrich the programs they develop.


Intensive workout sessions offseason to improve specific aspects of the game.

Extensive experience in coaching

Experience in coaching teams and players of all Spanish basketball categories

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them

to train

Learn the right way of training in order to progress.

Improve your skills on the court

Workout sessions designed to enhance details of your game.

Sports psychology

Great players know that the true potential doesn’t arise from the body but from the mind.

Passion for training

"Valencia Basket wanted to thank Angel his work in the club"

Las Provincias. 30 June 2021

Shall we talk?

Whether you are a particular or a club, I am sure we have a lot to talk about.